What can you expect?

In this menu you will find mostly general information about Zlin or Czech republic like weather, events and information about faculties. 

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This page is providing basic information about accommodation in Zlin. You can also find there a roads from train/bus station to both halls of residence.

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How to get to Zlin?

In this section you will find information about travels, how can you get from nearest airports to the Zlin by common means of transport

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New in Zlin?

If you just come to Zlin, and have no idea where are you or where can you go for a dinner? Then you should find these essential information at this page.

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Pick up & buddy system

This page is describing Pick up and buddy system, what is necessery to do if you want your buddy. 

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If you already decided to come to Zlin, then this is the right place to registrate to our Fiesta system and wait for buddy response.

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